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  • winnetui commented on ThomasVDD's instructable Hard Drive Speaker1 year ago
    Hard Drive Speaker

    continuing (problems with the editor here), ... and the reactive force on the case. If you remove the disks and mount a perpendicular, lightwight but stif rectanguar piece, you may get a better, louder sound, and as a gift, on low frequencies a wingtype low noise soft blower.

    I think, it could be much louder. I dont think, the disk is the adaption to the sound-proliferating Air (Diaphragm), because the direction of movement is radial to the disk-stack. The only akusticly active surface are the thin sides of the head-armarm,some

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  • winnetui commented on wold630's instructable Non-Toxic Adhesive Removal2 years ago
    Non-Toxic Adhesive Removal

    Additional some of my tricks to the same problem (situations and glue may varie).Patience. Try to get a corner of the label free, fix it in a way (magnets, pegs..) and let do the weight very slowely (and there by clean) the main work (keep the place below cushioned...) Or manually, as a meditation/ force endurace training...With the label (glueside) itself you often can dub away any residuals of glue.When I use volatile solvents, it helps to keep a less amount of chemistry for longer time in place by covering it with alumnium foil (alcohols, volatile oils, naphta and similar).

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  • winnetui commented on Honus's instructable Convert old cordless tools to Lithium power3 years ago
    Convert old cordless tools to Lithium power

    I think it should be mentioned that you have to remove the battery alarm circuit after use. If you dont, it will suck empty (and damage) the lipo slowly over days. Shure, when it reaches the low-water-mark, it will beep - but will somebody hear it then? May be, there are alarm circuits which stop sucking power early enough - the cheap ones dont.To make that easyer, I leave the loading/balancing connector of the lipo outside on my similar upgradings (As you see on the picture, I replace even weak Li-Ion-accus with 18650-cells by LiPos, because of the lower internal resistance)

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