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  • Dupont Crimp Tool Tutorial

    That is what it should be. There primary function is to locate and hold the connector in the correct position in the tool. See my post. It should only take 15 seconds or so to make a DuPont connection

    This is totally wrong. The DuPont system is designed to crimp through the insulation to make contact with the wire. This maintains the strength of the joint by using the insulation.The connector is just twisted of the reel and placed into the crimp tool at the correct depth, which is halfway and is held there by a groove in the tool which catches the end two pointed wings so these should not be bent over the cable. The tool is now closed just enough to hold the connector in place.The unstripped cable is now inserted into the connector until it is just visible on the otherside and then crimped. With practice it should take about 15 seconds

    The pointed wings acting as a pull relief is secondary to their use. See my post. A DuPont connector should only take about 15 seconds to make.

    Wrong, see my post, crimping into the wire WEAKENS the joint.

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  • The problem I find is that the reading increases the longer you hold the electrodes on. I am assuming that is because the current generated by the meter flowing between the electrodes produses a local heating, and therefore, drying effect through the cells carrying the current.

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