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  • DIY CNC Router Plans : How to Build

    hello i guess someone help me .. i almost the same ..i worked goodbut still have a very bad problem ..when i draw something , idk how to raise the spendle , so it makes an ugly line on the whole drawing are .. it's 100% related to the programming , how could i fix it ?just give me an example to how to raise up pen when needed on python ..

    correction to the last santance ..arduino * , not python

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  • yousifhobelos commented on me_zain's instructable Mini Arduino CNC2 years ago
    Mini Arduino CNC

    Hi , great instructable ..guys i made a bigger device of this .. but i changed a lot of thing , i use drmel shaft instead of pen to make it automaticly raise up the pen when moving to a new sequnce of dawing ? , so it doesn't make that extra lines .. ? please give some help here or at my facebook ( Yousif A Hafiz ) , or my emails

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  • yousifhobelos commented on Doug Costlow's instructable DIY CNC Router2 years ago
    DIY CNC Router

    I really love it .. Here i'm trying to make my own CNC ..the school would pay for it as long it's costs less than 300$So here i'm making my own plans ..already have the code ( almost done ), materials but still confused if wood gonna be okkay for building this device ..notice that i will use 4.3kg stepper motor for the three axis ..and 15cm for the X axis and the same for y axis and the body is made from wood and dremel with extender chaft connected to external power supply ..IDK if it's going to be strong enough to hold it , if i needed some help , can u give a little ?

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