Introduction: Milk Crate Clothing Storage

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// idea
i don't like to fold or sort my clothes it seems kinda pointless to me.. i will admit that im not a very organized person i usually just leave my clothes on the floor in a laundry basket until they are all dirty and wash them again. but this has gotten progressively worse and eventually i just had to scratch through a pile of clothes on my floor to find stuff.

i had to think of something that would allow me to keep my clothes in an unorganized pile but not on the floor. a couple of ideas came to mind, like a wall of hooks i could just throw clothes at and they would stay like Velcro. but the more i thought about it the stupider it sounded... eventually i thought of using milk crates for storage when i saw one being used for sandpaper storage in my workshop.

Step 1: Design

the shelf's were designed to be as simple as possible. each milk crate is hooked at the top by a wall mounted plank of wood and the bottom of the crate rest's on the hook shelf below it continuing through all shelves. this gives the crates an upward angle which will stop clothes from possibly falling out :)

Step 2: Construction

// finding stuff

i am not sure where milk crates come from exactly, maby cows i donno?
different colors are hard to find, the most common are black red and blue, but after much searching i found some green and even an orange!

go to your local hardware store and buy some hooks, mine are surprisingly small. the ones i used only have about a 3 cm diameter.

// construction

start with the construction of your wooden shelf, these have the hooks to hold the crates and also give them an upward angle. i spaced my hooks 140mm apart (crate grabbing width) with a 230mm gap between each pair. milk crates vary allot in shape, but not size. each color is a different kind of crate usually in the weave of it, so some will be harder to hook than others, i used some tin scissors to cut the backs of the crates so they would all fit easily.

use a stud finder to find the beams in your walls then attach right angle brackets to the wall and then to your hook shelf. repeat.

Step 3: Milk It.


now just hook some colorful milk crates on in whatever order you want, get creative its your wall to mix up :)

thanks for reading.
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