Introduction: Minecraft- Minecart Joy Ride

build a joy ride for steve.

here are the instructions.

Step 1: Lay the Rail

this is so easy, all you have to do is:

1. lay powered rails ( found in armor) at a place you want to start from.

2. start building a structure that goes really high. powered rails can only be laid on higher blocks if increase in height is by one block. so put your blocks as shown in picture 3.

3. build as high as you can.

Step 2: Make an Ending

1. now build a ramp at the end point of your track.

2. make boundary walls, it keeps you safe from falling, while on ride.

3. put a block at starting point too.

4. now put normal rails ( also found in Armor) at starting and end points. but remove the powered rails first from these points.

5. make sure you have laid powered rail correctly on your whole track.

Step 3: Get Minecart

1. get minecart from armor.

2. put it on the normal rail at starting point.

3. in minecraft PE (touch) long press on minecart. now you are in the cart.

4. press forward arrow to go on ride.

5. press the jump key to leave cart.

enjoy the ride.

note: minecraft can go up and down both. you just have to press forward at any point, start or end.