Introduction: Minecraft Secret Door for a New Two Floor House

in 1st is my first fine house. I know it don't looks but it is really thief proof because it is full of traps and I made some secret doors also like a secret door from 1st floor main room to my ground floor library, and it has 2 basements one secret , secret door near staircase
I got the idea of this instructable when I played gone home

Step 1: Make Staircase

your first step while making house will be making a floor(I didn't made it as it was just a tutorial) .and 2 before making walls make a staircase

Step 2: Make a Wall Near the Stairs

second leave one block and and make a wall the height of your stairs

Step 3: Power Source

move to back side of stairs and wall. and place a block at the base of the wall. then place a Redstone torch on the wall above the block you placed(don't place on wall or else it won't work)

Step 4: Making the Pistons Work

place the redstones as I placed and yes don't forget to place the Redstone repeater. and yes if you did anything wrong it won't work

Step 5: Making a Way Out

where the Redstone end in the torch line start placing blocks in L shape now place a sticky piston on it and stick a block on it. then place Redstone and a button. when you hit the button the piston will cut the connection and then you can move out

Step 6: Button to Move Inside

place a button the opposite side of the torch(I used a stone so you don't get confused you can use wooden so no one gets to know about it. now add blocks over the empty wall and make the left side walk also. you should look like in second pic

Step 7: Finishing Touch

make the walls and the roof(I didn't made roof but I did it in my main house)

Step 8: Enjoy Your Creation

my next instructable will be on a secret door from room on first floor to room on ground floor ( or the opposite) if you have any questions feel free to ask me

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