1. I made little flowers and a vase, I used pipe cleaners,tissue paper, sisccors,tape(optional),toliet roll. The purpose of this project is to be a decoration and that its somethingesay to give as a gift and put goodies inside the vase. I used those materials because its something quick and easy to do and fun past time.
2. The idea came from nature. I enjoy hiking and having a good time with all outdoors activities. This project is done individually like I did its so quick and easy to do. The whole idea since the beginning didnt change because I have done this before.
3. I made this project at my house, and I can connect it to the fact that  I have a little club of arts and crafts at our community where I get to work with children and teach them new ideas of projects.
4.My biggest challenges that I came upon were the cutting of the top of the tissue paper it was hard to always get the same style but it always works out. I'm proud that I got to put my project in this website! :) I dont think I  would do anything differently just how it is it works just great!

Step 1: Mini Flowers(and Vase)

Materials needed:
-pipes (colors that you want
-tissue paper (colors that you want)
- Scissors
-toliet roll

Step 2: Color Picking for Flowers

start by getting three colors and fold them to make a triangle. start cutting the top of the paper to make a desgin, whatever you want round spikes.

Step 3: Cutting Straws

once you have that get the pipes it doesnt matter what color get two. cut one in half it tie it around the bottom of the tip of the triangle. make a little hole and make it a loop.

Step 4: Twisting

once thats done, get the other pipe and connect with the half the pipe like a stem thing. do a little twist to it.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

once thats done put them aside, and get hte empty toliet pipe. get another color tissue and put it around the toliet pipe and tape it or glue it. once thats done cut a put less than half of the pipe of the flowers and make it build around the toliet pipe. and there you have the flowers with the mini vase :)

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