Introduction: Mini Golf Hole Using Paper Coffee Cups

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 All the time paper cups are thrown away instead of recyled. I came up with a use for a paper coffee cup so that they dont have to be thrown away. So take a look at this instructable to build your own mini golf hole. The hole itself uses a paper coffee cup. Here are some pictures that show this mini golf hole.

Step 1: The Materials and Tools Needed

 You will need a few inexpensive and easy to find materials to make this instructable.


-green golf course carpet  : you can find this inexpensive carpet in the carpet section of your local hardware store.

-a lot of wood

- a paper coffee cup

-a plastic board

-small 2 inch piece of pvc pipe

-10 inch by 10 inch piece of screen

-3 foot by 3 foot board of wood

Tools needed:

-Hot glue gun

-drill or hammer

-screws or nails depending on if you chose a drill or hammer.

-electric saw for cutting wood

Step 2: Make Elevated Structure

 Your going to need to use your lumber to make an elevated structure that is 100% sturdy so that you can stand on it. By looking at the design of it on the picture below you can see it as you make it.

 Once you have this complete you need to have a lot of short wood boards to go across. I used wood fence panels and cut them in half with the electric saw. You can see in the pictures below of the structure and the type of fence panels i used.

Once you have this complete you need to have a strip of wood nailed to each side so that they work as walls.

Step 3: At This Point....

At this point you should have a structure 2 feet high that is 100% sturdy and you have walls (wooden boards) at all sides. You should be able to jump on it and it wont shake or move. It's going to be heavy. Let's continue to the next step!

Step 4: Time to Make the Bottom Structure!

 You now have a 2 ft. high structure but now we make a 4 inch high structure! So first were gonna have to have a 3 ft. by 3 ft. square. With 3 ft. wood boards nail them together in a square. Cover this square with your wooden board and nail it to it.

Your gonna want to have major support under each structure so you dont fall through the top or bottom structure. 

Next your gonna want to once again make walls on all sides so that a golf ball would be trapped in it.

Step 5: Add Plastic Board on Top of Top Structure

 In this step your first going to want to nail the plastic board on top of the top structure.

Next cover the both structures with golf course green carpet.

At this point in time your probably thinking that "how is it even possible for the ball to get from structure to structure?" Well, continue onto the next step and it will show you how.

Step 6: Connect the Two Structures

 Its time to use the drill. I used a circle bit big enough for a golf ball to fit through. Drill a hole with the big circle bit somewhere around the place where I drilled the hole in my mini golf hole. (shown in the pictures)

Its time to heat up the hot glue gun! Use the hot glue gun to connect the small pvc pipe to the bottom of the drilled hole. Hot glue the screen in a hot dog shape to the pvc pipe so that if the ball went in the hole it would roll down the hot dog shaped screen. Now nail the bottom of the screen to the bottom structure in the left hand part as shown in the video.

Step 7: Time to Use the Paper Coffee Cup

 Drill a hole in the bottom structure in the place you want it. Use the paper coffee cup and hot glue it to the bottom of the hole so that is what collects the ball. Dont forget to turn off the hot glue gun! Add obstacles! You can now add obstacles like bricks or rocks so it gets in the way of the golfer. Hope you have fun with this instructable and vote for me in the coffee cup challenge!!!!!

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