Introduction: How to Write and Read Braille

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Being blind is a terrible disability.  But knowing how to write and read braille you can communicate with blind people. So if you know how to write it or read it then that's really good for you. But if you don't then stick with me for these next few steps and you will know my unique way of writing it.

Let's start with this picture below so you become familiar with braille.:

Step 1:

 First were gonna learn how to read it:

The Braile Alphabet:

You must memorize these to understand braille.

Step 2: Braille Numbers

 The number system is also pictured below:

You should also memorize these.

Step 3: Phrases and Abreviations

This is where it gets complicated. When braille letters are capitalized there is a box before the word with a dot in the lower left hand corner. When an entire word is capitalized then there are two of these boxes before a word.

There are also the phrases and abreviations. For example cd is could. Abv is above. Qk is quick and sd is said. For the rest of these you are on your own. The link below should help you out if your still confused.

Step 4: Writing Braille

 There are braille printers that can be hooked up to a computer and they print braille and there are lots more.I made up an okay way to write braille. Using a pencil and a sheet of paper you can stab the pencil in the back of the paper so that a small dot extends out on the front side of the paper. From here you can write sentences and paragraghs so that blind people can understand it!

Step 5: Braille History

 Louis Braille was blind and became blind when he was 3 years old by an accident in his dads work shop. He was playing with an awl (a sharp tool that cuts holes.) and it slipped punturing his eye. The infection in his eye spread to the other eye then he was blind in both eyes. Lois wanted to go to a different school by the age of 10. He didn't like how the fact that all he could do was listen. There wer 14 books with raised letters but those were tough to read. Then in 1821 a former soldier named Charles Barbier shared his invention of night writing which was a 12 dot code for soldiers. This was to tough for soldiers but not for louis!Lois then invented the 6 dot braille system! He was born in a city near paris in January 4, 1809.  He died on January 6, 1852 in paris.  

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