Introduction: Mod on Knex Instrument

Hi this is hungyhipo 2 and I would like to show you how to modify the knex instrument by my friend Bartboy. In this instructible you will need to make the original version by bart boy by using this link O.k. once you have made this you can start to mod it.

50% credit goes to Bart boy for the original design and 50% credit goes to me for the mod

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Step 1: Mod 1. the Handle

O.k. the first thing to do is insted of using the yellow handle which Bartboy used I used a grey handle because then you dont have to worry about your hand hitting the turning pieces.

Step 2: Mod 2. the Spining Part

Next you will need to take the orange connector at the top and take it of the grey rod. Then you will need to take the orange connector that has the black connectors on it off the rod. Next you will need to put a blue connector on to the orange connector that you took off in the starting. then put the orange connector with the black connectors on it and put it on the blue rod then connect an orange connector to the blue rod and connect that to the grey rod.

pic 1 is thebefore pic and pic 2 is the after pic

Step 3: Why I Modified It Hand How to Use It

I modified it for the art of sound contest, to make a lower pitched noise, and for people who don't have a good working rubber band. How to use it. To use it you hold the handle and spin your wrist if you want it to be a higher pitched noise then spin it fast and for lower pitched noises spin slower. Note that if you spin it to slow it will not work
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