Introduction: Moleskine Notebook Mods

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three little mods to make your moleskine, or any notebook for that matter, a little more functional.

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for more detail on making the pencil holder

Step 1: Pencil Holder:

Using black masking tape you can build on a pencil/pen holder. Firstly wrap the pencil in tape.. sticky side out. Stick this on to the end of the notebook and then tape the pencil to the notebook

Step 2: Tag Your Pages With Postit Notes.

Using a good pair of scissors cut the sticky part of the postits off. Bung them in the folder at the back, when you need to mark a new section of your notebook just fold it over a page and write a tag.

Step 3: Pencil Sharpener.

Two pieces of sandpaper, couse for wood, fine to sharpen the lead to a nice point. Sticky back tape the sandpaper to the back of your notebook