Introduction: Moxx's Oodammo Pistol With Clip.

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this is basically a better version of my other oodammo gun.  it's more it's powerful, it's bigger, and it has a clip and a hidden knife in the handle.  it's really a great gun, my favorite I've made so far, and it can support pretty much any amount of bands.  also, it is one of the only guns with a real oodammo clip that is easy to put on and off.  he only bad part is that it uses a few broken pieces, but if you already have one of my other guns built you can use two of the broken pieces from that. it might look a little messy to some but it has a great shape and a good feel. 

Step 1: Pieces of Gun

1) make (make sure you cut the orange connector and green rod correctly
2) make two

Step 2: Connecting the Gun

1) connect two layers
2) add layer
3) add outside layers

if you have any trouble adding a layer, try putting it on in pieces or even piece by piece

Step 3: Clip

1-2) pieces of clip
3) laters one and two of clip
4) adding the third layer, as well as ammo and bands

the red rod is cut DIRECTLY below the part that clips into connecters.  if you cut it too low it might fire two bullets at a time or just not work at all

Step 4: Finishing

1) ram-rod
2) gun with ram-rod and bands
3) with clip