Introduction: Mystery Lamp

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This was a gift to a good friend a few years ago.
Now i make a new one with the english version of the same mystery.

Its very easy to do and it looks nice.

Step 1: The Component List

Price: ca. 30€


This I get from a discount market: 15€

This is cheaper than only glass from a store but you need luck to find it for this price (I realized it by search it online by amazon) so don`t pay 40€ there are cheaper ones.

RGB LED Strip <3m:

(I used stuff laying around) (Controller ca. 5€ and some LEDs ca 50cm)

something like this, mostly 5m are cheaper than 3m weird

Silicone or Sugru


Dremel (with grind diamond head)

Angle grinder (Flex, I hope you know what I mean)



A whithe pen

Step 2: Mechanics

1. Carefully remove the back of the panel.

2. Print and cut out the (or your) template.

3. Mill your graphic with the template into the back of the panel. Remember the position of your holder.

4. You have to mill about 1-2mm deep with a diamondhead.

5. Clean the panel with water.

6. Cut a hole in the metal plate.

7. Fix the metal back to the glass with silicone.

Step 3: Electronics

My Power-supply for the LED's was too big, so I decided to look inside. And surprise there was almost nothing inside.

So I isolated it and fix it into the metal frame (downside). See image 3.

Cut the flexible LED Strip to a length that ranging one round of your graphic.

Plug everything in and test it with remote control. Perhaps you have trouble with the remote because of the metal, in case of move the receiver a bit outside the frame.

If Tests are ok, you can fix all with silicone.

Step 4: And All Together

Let's dry everything and test again.

Of course magnets only work the outside the graphic.

The white glass-pens still work, in case you want to use them.


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