Introduction: Auto Roll Up Tool Case

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image 3 shows my damn old toolbox, so you see i need a new cool one urgently!

but this is only my prototype, and I'm still working at this instructable.
if you have some ideas, please tell me about and I will see if I can add it.

Step 1: The Component List

spring rollo with stable material
anchor rail 4x ca. 70cm
tear-leash, emergency leash
2x hooks
a lot of rubber bands
needle and thread
M5 threaded rod
nuts and washers
wood screws
door reck

Step 2: Adapt Materials

The original tension spring wasn't strong enough, so i have to tune it. if you don't need heavy tools it sufficient to attach the ends of springs. in my case that was not enough, so I replaced the whole mechanism.
The plastic stab -> m5 threaded rod
the spring -> other spring (I known this kind from emergency leash)
by all this testings I crushed the auto stop mechanism with little balls but I don't need it. its okay for this prototype.
okay if you have done this the hardest part is over.

cut the wood to two plates to 300mm x 300mm (okay its a bit to big for my test set up but I will make it better in final box later)

the anchor rail you have to cut to 4x ca. 650mm
cut the ends so that they can be fix to the wood.

Step 3: Select Your Setup

This will be my setup for the final case. But I need them every day, so I test the box with all the very low cost tool.

Step 4: Adapt the Textile Stuff

first round you have to glue on the rod.
then get your set up put it out of (eighth bit of the weight distribution).
get enough rubber band and a pen, mark all mounting spots. now you have to work with needle and thread. if you have patience this is very solid. but I hate this and do it like a man and used my stapler!

Step 5: Hack It All Together

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