Origami Tall Samurai Helmit or Hat




Introduction: Origami Tall Samurai Helmit or Hat

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Ok let get started with a piece of square origami paper.

Step 1: Fold

Start with a square paper in front of you.
Fold it in half to a triangle

Step 2: Fold

fold the triangle in half then unfold.

Step 3: Fold

image will help

Step 4: Fold

image will help

Step 5: Fold

image will help

Step 6: Fold

It might be hard to explain image will help

Step 7: Final Fold

On the bottom of the first image put the bottom triangle in the hat. Then your done.

Step 8: Join

If you seen this Instructables you can join my group at https://www.instructables.com/group/origamiclub/
if you want to join the origami club. It is for people who want to learn origami. People who are advance in origami can join my group. People with a origami Instructables will be posted on the origami club and you can join the club every time you want.

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pokemon nerd
pokemon nerd

12 years ago on Step 3

no offence but on the third step you should have written some thing down


12 years ago on Introduction

Its Pretty cool but i build it with newspaper and it still didn't fit on my head :( + don't really have a big head.