Introduction: Overheat-proof Phone Case

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my phone gets really hot (on account of the ducktape on the back of it and because its having problems) so I build this case with a fan in it. it runs off 4 AA (should probably go with 2 or 3 AAs so its smaller but all I had was 4 and it makes fan better) and has an optional voltmeter that I had to add because my design is hard to change the batteries without breaking hot glue seals. WARNING: bulky and may or may not attract attention

Step 1: Materials:

what you will need:

spare phone case (plastic with rubber lining on inside is preferable)

small fan, small enough so you can put it on the back, but big enough to actually move air. you can use what you like. I would prefer a small 9v fan if you can get one but "negative budget" issues know how that goes...

batteries + battery holders, again your not going to use a 6v motorcycle battery or a 1 AAA battery holder.

switch, mabey a second if you want the voltmeter

small 12v voltmeter (optional) I found mine on amazon really simple to use and around $5



soldering iron

wire cutters

hot glue gun


dem handz yo

Step 2: STEP 1

cut the necessary holes in your case. I used wire cutters because made in china plastic

Step 3: STEP 2

lay out how you want everything before making permanent. if only I thought of this on...the other project *tear of rememberance comes to eye*...


secure everything with hot glue and soldering iron. hot glue switches and vary electronics. zip-ties people. zip-ties


the voltmeter was connecting the positive and negative of voltmeter to battery and adding a button in between. simple enough. heres the finished product. I would love feedback as its only my 2nd instructable.