Introduction: Paint a Griffin Statue

well i had a plain white statue and decided to paint it...

Step 1: What You Need

acrylic paint
different size paint bushes
something to paint like a ceramic
a nice area for you to focus on...

Step 2: Finding the Right Colors

what i did: looked for some nice griffin pictures on google so i can get some color ideas

Step 3: Painting

i first paint the front of the griffin(head wings legs chest) using a creamy paint
then i painted the back part(the lion) a mixture of brown and red
the birds legs were yellow
the rocks gray

Step 4: Sponging

to get the amazing effect of making it look real i used a sponge. if i didnt use the sponge it would look like a 2D image...kinda CORNY...

soo to give the wings the dirty real look i put brown on the sponge and carefully brushed it nicely ;)
and the lions back body i fixed it with a little little brown
i gave the rocks some red to make it look like lava? or hot rocks... whateve
the pearls colir was a mixture of red blue white and silver then some red touches...

Step 5: Your Finished

thanks for veiwwwwing XD