Shoe Designing: Adidas Matching




Introduction: Shoe Designing: Adidas Matching

Got an old pair of kickers? If your not wearing them since they lost their beauty then why dont you create a design of your own.....;) I chose this color since I had a matching shirt that look just like it now.

Step 1: Materials

Permanent Acrylic paint Paintbrushes Old pair of shoes sneakers Something to match the shoes to a shirt(optional)

Step 2: Clean ThenTake It All Apart

So that u don't make a mess

Step 3: Paint

Laces were dirty so I decided to paint them. It was so hard so do not paint like me! But they look fabulous

Step 4: Finished!!

Ta da ! Your done ,your old shoes turned into custom designed piece of art! Enjoy

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    9 years ago

    Hi its an old picture i used in my other instructable and it's not red, its pink. Thank u

    Harsh Vardhan

    Nice idea but where is red color in the given? I love Adidas shoes and just have purchased a pair of running shoes from online shopping store