Introduction: Pallet Wood Lounge Chair

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wooden chair made of pallets with 3 differents backrest position 90, 75, 65 degrees. EASY and QUICK to make.

what you need is:

  1. pallets
  2. handsaw
  3. hammer
  4. screwdriver
  5. chainsaw
  6. wood file
  7. sandpaper
  8. drill
  9. screws for wood
  10. screw nut
  11. cloves
  12. wood glue

Step 1: Disassemble the Pallet

To remove the pallet you should cut the nail with the handsaw between the two tables

we will got 3 board of 98x9x4 cm and 8 tables 120x8x1,5

Step 2: Make Chair Legs

with 3 large boards will chair legs

one the these will cut into 2 pieces of 30 cm will cut off the tip at an angle of 45 degrees and the remaining 2 also

once I have done this it will stick a piece with each board with glue and screws
This step is very inportant that this site will fall the full weight

we will be left as an L

Step 3: Join the Legs and Do the Seat

with the remaining 8 tables cut into 5 pieces of 45 cm

these use them to attach the "L" that we miss in the previous step and the image can be seen

leaving a gap between tables 3cm

Step 4: Do the Backrest

2 boards cut 50 cm and 4 tables of 45 cm below the'll stick with nails and screws in perpendicular two tables and four smaller tables with 5cm gap on each side

the space between each table must be 3 cm in seat

as in the picture

Step 5: Join the Backrest and the Seat

In this step we will make the holes in the back and legs

approximately where you finish the last table seating and more focused as possible so that the wood does not suffer the join with a screw and a nut leaving them smooth so that it can move

Step 6: Support Backrest

in the bottom of our 3 boards will chair 45 cm to be support for our support and we will put some butts to not move in every position more or less in the positions that each one likes

Step 7: Support Backrest 2

cut 3 boards of 35 cm and 2 tables 45cm and would join in perpendicular as backup only stay we make holes in the upper support and the support and unite them with screws and nuts are not very strong to move

Step 8: Final

if the chair is going to be in a place with high humidity or sun you could give him a paint or varnish or simply for aesthetics

do not be afraid that it is very easy and quick to do it

I did not put many details of measures that think it's better each with its measures for each pallet is different


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