Introduction: Pallet Wood Shed

this is my 8 x 6 pallet wood shed

Step 1:

building the base to the shed using the pallet wood as floor boards

Step 2:

building the frame work using 2.5 inch x 1.5 inch wood

Step 3:

frame work from an other angle

Step 4:

i built the frame work around the door and window i didn't really use measurements just made it up as i went along

Step 5:

the pallet wood has been put on the back

Step 6:

now the front

Step 7:

starting on the side

Step 8:

side now done started on the roof to help keep the rain out

Step 9:

view of the side completed

Step 10:

the roof now and roof felt on

Step 11:

stained with a dark oak and window finally fitted

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