Introduction: Pancake Costume

im going to show you how to make a pancake costume that i made for an assembly at my school. it could also be used and addapted for a totally random halloween costume

Step 1: Ikea

for this project i used cardboard from those packing geniuses at ikea. it was a box from ikea that a headboard came in.
if you have been to ikea and got a piece of furniture before you will know that the box come in two pieces, much like a shoebox where the lid comes off. well for this i used one of those halves.

Step 2: Shaping

obviously most pancakes are generally circular but it doesn't have to be. first thing that you are going to need to do for yours is, seeing that your piece of cardboard is a rectangle, fold the cardboard in half along the grain so that you get a nice obvious line when you unfold it. if you want yours to be a circle then here is a handy trick for drawing them.

get a pin and stick it in the middle of one of the halves of the rectangle then tie a string onto it and then mark with your thumb how long it is between the middle and the edge of the square (half the rectangle should be roughly a square) see pic it should explain better. and with the end of the string that you marked with your thumb and tie on your pen. this then allows you to draw a circle.

Step 3: Cut Away

now that you have your circle outline you can start cutting (dont start cutting until you have looked at picture or you will mess up your costume) it is a basic circle but with a flap on one side and still connected to the other side of the rectangle with a flap. pics will explain better

once you have your circle shape (with flap) fold it over on that line that you made arlier then start to cut around you first circle to mimic it. (again see pic)

Step 4: Making It Into a Costume

you will now need to make something to hold it up on you. at this point you will need to decide whether you want your costume to be on your torso leaving your head above so it can be seen or so that it covers your head.
for me the choice was obvious. hide your head in shame. if you want yours to be different it wont be that hard to adapt.
if you want yours to hide your face then you will have o make an eyehole after you decide what size you want yours to be.

so that you can hold the costume up you will need something like suspenders, if you have some already then that is fine just attach those, if not you will need to make some. nothing fancy just two pieces of duct tape stuck together, thats what i used.

to make them take two piece of duct tape one longer than the other. the shorter one should be roughly two times the length of your waist to your torso. then stick the two pieces of duct tape together so that the longer one sticks out with sticky bits on each side. do this again so that you have two strips. then stick one of the sticky bits onto the inside of your pancake costume (your costume should be like a book the way it opens up) once you have stuck the one strip onto one of the sides you should put the other strip on the same width apart as the distance between your shoulders. then stick the other side to the other side of the costume.

this is all very hard to explain and i am very sorry about how vague it is.

after you have made the suspenders the costume should no longer fold out anymore and should be held by the straps. once it is like this you can fold it into a circle and tape the two loose flaps together so that it wont open anymore.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

its now tome to paint it. i used poster paints from my school and a very big paintbrush.
you could also add a square of butter using a cereal box which has been reshaped slightly.

this could also be used as a very strange halloween costume by giving it teeth and stuff.