Introduction: Paper Butterfly Fascinator

You can make this in 10 easy steps
What you need

die cutter like Cutterbug or Cutterkids
Die Punches
Craft wire 26 gauge or 24 gauge
paper (paint chipn samples, foil, any kind of double sided scrap book papers)
 color tissue paper
adhesive (glue, Xyron adhesive machine)
dollar store thin rigid head band
thermal laminating
old iron or laminator
scissors one being a  small embroidery scissor

Step 1: Cut the Flower and Butterflies Parts

Using a die and die cutting roller machine and also using a die punch

Step 2: Glue the Butterflies Together

glue a contrasting tissue paper in the middle of the two butterflies and place a six to five inch wire in the middle of the thorax (body)
I used a Xyron adhesive machine to glue together the three pieces.

Step 3: Cut Around the Outside of the Butterflies W/ Tissue Paper and Wire

the small scissors gives more control when cutting out. Be very careful of not cutting the wire.

Step 4: Place the Butterflies With the Wire Into Laminating Pouch

curl the wire loosely and place into a laminating pouch with the wire poking out the pouch, this will help it go through the laminator easier.  If you use a old iron on low on a ironing board just place in laminating pouch with the wire hanging out

Step 5: Cut Around the Lamitated Butterflies

 to remove extar plastic and add self-adhesive rhinestones to the finished butterflies.

Step 6: To Make the Flower

Use Paint chips samples from the hardware store, cut out flower with dies as well Paint chips give the paper a little weight and last longer without needing the lamination. add self adhesive rhinestones

Step 7: Using a Small Rigid Dollar Store Head Band

Step 8: Wrap the Head Band

using ribbon and glue (like Fabri-tac ) and wrap the ribbon about 1 inch up to the head band and added a wired butterfly continue around the head band adding butterflies here and there.

Step 9: Add the Flower to the Almost Finished Fascinator

 by gluing a small piece of the ribbon from the wrap head band

Step 10: Last Step

Wrap the wires around a pencil to make a spring if to long wrap around headband as well

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