Introduction: Paper Mache Turtle

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material required:
basic stationary
wire mesh
and lots of paper!

Step 1:

first you have to start with making wire structures of what you need to make and cover it with wire mesh.

Step 2:

after that is done.. cover them with newspaper using fevicol with the help of a paintbrush.

Step 3:

now, you need to make similar wire structures for the head and the tail of the turtle.
And one for the its lower part.

Step 4:

cover all of it with layers of paper mache and assemble them :)

Step 5:

The turtle I made has a moving head (can come out and go in) like the actual turtle itself!
The form can be painted and decorated also if needed.

Step 6:

Your simple and 'best out of waste turtle' is now ready :)
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