Pelican Pal With a Fishie Friend

Introduction: Pelican Pal With a Fishie Friend

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Pelicans are just plain cool. i love watching them dive for fish at the beach--which is why I couldn't make this pelican without a fishie friend!

I designed with guy without a pattern. He made of LionBrand Wool Ease and Jiffy yarns, and the fishie is made from some old vintage yarns from my stash. The pelican is11 inches tall and its fish buddy is 3 inches long. 

Find my other critters on etsy at :)

Thanks for taking a peek! 

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    4 years ago

    i like bird watching and this is very too cute bird you is a very good in this job

    I LOVE your pelican! My daughter-in-laws birthday is in April and this would be perfect for me to make for her (she loves Pelicans!). I went to your Etsy site and it says you are off till early May. Can I get the pattern through this site? Do I need to wait until May? It's adorable!