Introduction: Pimp Up the Lavatory

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This was a simple DIY project to make the lavatory sink look cool.

Step 1: Shelf

I used a nice clear wood to make a simple shelf with an compartment to store lavatory stuff like towels soaps...
the compartment is the most complicated part of the project, because the shelf is just a wood board sanded and with a half circle cut to fit the sink. And the compartment is also very simple since there's no door, it is just a wood cube with no front or back, and the top is made by the shelf.

If you look closely, you will notice a little curve in the left side of the shelf. I did that so the door of the lavatory could open totally without me having to make the whole shelf thinner.

Step 2: Hydraulic Tiles Stickers

Than I used stickers that look like hydraulic tiles to give some colour to the lavatory.

I chose to frame the two round mirrors and the sink all together with the stickers, and I was very pleased with the result.

it was easy to find these stickers here in São Paulo. I think it is easy to get them on line too.

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