Introduction: Pocket Lock Pick Set

a lock pick set that you ca make yourself that fits in your pocket for easy storage, and hiding.( note I'm not responsible for what you do with this set so practice good judgment)

Step 1: Gather

the materials you need are:
hack saw blade
key ring
flat piece o metal( mine was a shishkabob stick)

the tools you'll need:

Step 2: Print and Cut

Ok next your gonna need a template. I started with a very simple set, for this is my first time making one. you can google "lock pick template" and look for one you like or use the one I have provided. now that you have your template print it off and cut out one of the picks. Now I just eyeballed the drawing so its not perfect, but you can transfer it anyway you want, one method is to print the template with a laser printer and iron the template on. now that you have you template transfered, cut the blade close to where you are transferring the template, so as not to waste any blade.

Step 3: Grind

get the proper safety equipment, the get yourself a quench. Now grab your grinder or dremel, and start grinding. keep going to you have got down to the transfered image. i cant explain the to mack just take a gander at the pictures. (sorry for the shakiness it is hard to grind and take a picture at the same time)

Step 4: Clean Er' Up

Ok now that you have cut out the pick, use you file to clean up the edges and make that thing shinny.
reapeat steps 2 and 3 to make some more to have a whole set wow!

Step 5: Tension Wrench

A good lock pick set always has a tension wrench. so ill tell ya how to make one. first take you piece o metal and cut it down to size about five inches give or take. now bend about one inch of it 90 degrees and presto a tension wrench! you might need to file the end down a bit so it can fit into a lock.

Step 6: Finishing Remarks

Lock picking is a very skilled art and requires lots of practice, but with time it can be very fun and rewarding. check out the site on how to pick a lock with you new lock picks!


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