Introduction: Processor Hairbrush!

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i came up with this idea after finding a discarded computer and striping away all of its components then i came across its processor and kept it away for awhile. then after getting an old computer to modify i dug out the components again but had no use for the processor i looked at the pins the bam! i had teh idea for a processor hairbrush!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

1.a processor (mine was and intel pentium).

2.scrap metal (mine was from the slots at the back where i put in the sound card from the pc i found).

3.adhesive-anything that will bond meta to processor stuff.

Step 2: Attach the Metal to the Processor!

just glue the processor to the metal

Step 3: Wait for Glue to Dry Then Use!

you will find this brush very comfortable to use and you can brush it in any direction the teeth of the processor wont bend to much either, they are suprisingly strong