Introduction: Program a Ardweeny Using a Duemilinove ( No More Ftdi Cable Required!)

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ok, this is a simple instructable, i don't know why others have yet to do this (cause its super easy)  but basically this instructible came to exist because i was too cheep to buy a ftdi cable. 

Step 1: Remove Your Duemilionove's Atmega

to do this, simply use a IC puller or carefully slide a small flathead screwdriver underneath the chip and do the same to the other side of the chip and slowly work it free

Step 2: Bend Your Ardweenys Pins

Ok, so the ardweeny dosent exactly fit into a 28 pin dip socket perfectly so bend the pins by pressing one side of the ardweeny against a table to bend the pins just a little so the will fit the dip socket

Step 3: Plug in Your Ardweeny

finally plug your ardweeny into the duemilionove's dip socket with the ardweenys led facing the usb jack, now your ready to upload and start using your ardweeny on a breadboard.