Introduction: Ps2MIDImouse

ps2MIDImouse by sir triggalot
ps2midimouse is an application for a ps2 computer mouse, to be used as standalone midibuttons. it is based on arduino. it is very funny for performing because of how you can hold the mouse, dance and trigger sounds the same time - pefect for bassdrum and snare.

mouse buttons play midinotes. midinotes are chosen with the scroll wheel. scroll wheel changes the last pressed button (left or right)

if button is pressed and on hold and scrollwheel is turned, you can listen to the scrolling sounds. this is cool for checking out drumkits, samples, etc.

you only need a ps2mouse (usb mouses might work also. some do some don´t...) a micro controller, midi cable or connector, resistor 220 ohm (but also works without...) load the code and library and connect pins like this: mouse ground to ardu_ground mouse vcc to ardu_pin vcc mouse clockpin to ardu_pin 3 mouse datapin to ardu_pin 4

midi vcc to resistor 220 ohm to ardu_vcc midi ground to ardu_ground midi TX to ardu_TX (pin01)

you can put a switch between ardu_pin 11 and ardu_ground, so you can block the scrollwheel. this could make sense in a performance, concert etc. so you cannot change notes by accident.