Introduction: Psychedelic Paint

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interesting ink that changes and changes shape, good for science fairs because it demonstrates the utility and capability of dilute liquid detergent

Step 1: Materials

• Edible dyes or water based non-toxic

• Plate

• Detergent

• Milk

Step 2: Preparation

• With the aid of a ladle or spoon pour milk on a small plate forming layer.

• Add a few drops of the dye in the milk trying to put an approximately equal amount of each colorant dye. • After a few drops of detergent in the mixture, capable of dissolving the detergent will cause a reaction of the dye scattering in different ways giving a psychedelic aspect.

Step 3: Result

The result is interesting, which resembles geisers away the ink combination and fragmentation generating almost aléatoio

Step 4: Cleaning

If you follow the recommendations just go with water

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