Introduction: Pupusas Con Salsa Y Repollo

Pupusas is a central american food that originated in Honduras and El Salvador .


Step 1: Gathering the Ingridients !

For the Pupusas mix

- 1 lb of flour

- 2 tomatoes

- 3 pts of room temperature water

- 1/2 lb of meat ( Chicharron)

- 1 lb of Parisian Cheese (white one)

For side Salsa

- 2 tomatoes

-2 to 3 green jalapenos

- 1/2 cup of onion

- 2 tbs of consomate (spanish spice)


Step 2:

step one
cut the meat into small pieces and cook the meat on a stove

Step 3:

step two

heat up the meat for 15 minutes and let it cool down

Step 4:

blend the toasted meat in a blender

Step 5:

after it is blended cut tomatoes , chili , union and mix it into the meat

Step 6:

step 5

add cheese to the rest of the mix

Step 7: Salsa Mix

get tomatoes , onions , jalapeños and boil them together

Step 8:

after it is boiled let it cool down for 5 minutes

Step 9:

after its cooled down blend it

Step 10:

boil again and add nord chicken to your satisfactory

Step 11:

step 10

add flower and water on separate bowls

Step 12:

step 11

grab a small chunk of the meat and cheese and put it in the middle of the flour

Step 13:

cover the meat and cheese with the flour and shape the flour into a circle

Step 14:

step 13

cook on the stove for 5 minutes on each side