Put Back Patch on Vest/jacket




Introduction: Put Back Patch on Vest/jacket

so i have tried to sew a perfect back patch ....but i had to think after many have come out lop sided or even just had big bubbles .. so here is an easy very cheap way to place one and actually have it look god and stay ....

you will need
1 back patch
1 elmers glue or a mid grade house hold glue
tap measure or ruler
2 pieces of card board the size or larger than the patch
and sewing needle / thread or dental floss-works great and stays long time!

Step 1: So You Have the Vest

take a piece of card board and the vest .....

lay it down flat

take a measure ment to a center area

then tape it on top and bottom

try it on look in a mirror , make sure the distances are at least similar and even is a must ...

Step 2: Glue Ing

so take the vest put card board under flat surface would work...

and remove on side of the tap fold over so that the other is keeping it on and even

put glue in a zig zag and spread it across

make sure it is enough to keep it on but not clumpy

then put vest down ...

even out and make flush

then put the other piece of card board on it

place heavy item on top, boxes work or even a guitar care anything with weight

Step 3: Now Almost Done

so after about an hour it should be relitively dry.. itf not let sit a lil longer

take the vest and sew the edges how ever you like ...

as long as it is gonan stay on

thats it you have a properly alligned vest that looks good and wont come off!


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    nj snots
    nj snots

    14 years ago on Introduction

    resistant culture good band other ways to do this would be safety pins, but they don't hold very well and have a higher possibility of coming of. another way is to sew it which is the best way and strongest way to do this but it takes to long unless you use a sewing machine. both these ways are pretty easy to take off if you become unhappy with your back patch latter on in the future and wouldn't end up harming your vest.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    cool ... must be 20 years since i last saw someone with a kutte like that. but what i was gonna ask was if you also have some tips how to remove patches without traces, i have a jacket i need to debrand.