Introduction: Robotic Arm

This is a very simple but time consuming project to make a cheap simple robotic arm.

Step 1: Requirements

Here is what you need:

1-hot glue


3-wire cutter


5-solider iron

6-tongue depressors


8-junction box



11-plastic and metal connectors


Step 2: The Body

First we gonna need six plates for the body.For those who are reading this as my first instruction you should use two parallel tongue depressors and glue tongue depressors between them vertically.After making all the five plates you should glue them as you see in the pictures.First glue two to each other and then and the third one as the base.then add the other two.Now you have a simple wooden box.The wooden box is going to be the body of the robotic arm we are going to make.DO NOT add the six plate now.

Step 3: Battery Holder

Because we are going to use a 9V battery in this and 9V batteries have no holders we are going to make one.

Very simple, just add three of the plastic connectors you have as the picture in a way that a 9V battery can have the least movement in the box.

Step 4: The Junction Box

First add a 9V battery clip to the junction box and split the power in a way that you can remember.Solider the wires.that is the best way.before you close up the junction box add the motor outputs.[we are gonna use three motors in this]Close up the junction box and glue it to the base of the wooden box.

Step 5: The Sixth Plate

First add two holes in the sixth plate and use bolts and some metal connectors to attach the gearbox to the sixth plate as you see in the picture.I hope you have better better gearboxes than me because i didn't get the result i wanted[servo motors are also usable here]. Now we should make the upper arm.Again for those that this is the first instruction from me that you are featuring you should cut one the ends of four tongue depressors and glue them together like the picture.

Now we should use some plastic connectors[it is better that you use connectors like the ones i am using]

Here is a very cool technique for such cases that i learned from my father. By using one bolt and two nuts we are gonna make a joint for connecting attaching the sixth plate. Put the two of the longer connections together and use the bolt with them.Add the first nut and then the second one.Use two wrenches and turn the first screw in clockwise direction and the second one in the clock direction.Build two of it and stick one end to the sixth plate and the other end to the box.

Step 6: Fore Arm

Punch a hole in one end of four tongue depressors and cut their ends and cut two of them in halves.Do the process as the upper arm and attach a gripper to one end[the end that has the tongue depressors cut in halves].

For making the project cheaper use the HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN GRIPPER of mine project:

how to make your own gripper

Step 7: Attaching the Forearm to the

For attaching the forearm to the gearbox we should add a spool to the gearbox[preferably the end that has a longer distance from the arm.If the spool doesn't fit your gearbox you should glue a gear that fits your gearbox to the spool.

DO NOT attach the upper arm now.You should attach two tongue depressors with two holes on one end and another hole on the other end for adding a spool.Screw the m to the upper arm by the two holes you have punched.Add a spool to the hole you punched on the other end of the two tongue depressors.Attach a string[preferably a strong plastic string from the gearbox to the fore arm.

Step 8: Adding the Switches

Use a normal switch if you used the type of gripper i made or use this topic from our dear friend ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE


Use a push switch for your gearbox controlling the forearm.

Step 9: Finish

I hope the one you make works better than mine especially the forearm controlling gearbox.