Introduction: Chocolate Frappuccino

I came up with the idea when I only took only one hour of sleep before a school day hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: What You Need

All right here is what you need for making a chocolate Frappuccino :

1- Espresso

2- Coffee brewer

3- Milk

4- Cream spray

5- Cocoa powder

6- Chocolate

7- Ice cream

Step 2: Making Simple Frappuccino

All right I have the instruction in Farsi so I translate it for you.

From bottom to top you have to pour Espresso and then add ice cream, after that add some cold milk.

In the recipe you must add a little ice in the end but since we are going to add some cream it is preferable.

Step 3: Modifying and Finishing Up

All right now you have a farppuccino.

Now use the cream spray and add as much cream as you prefer.

Now spill some cocoa powder on it and in the end add the chocolate as illustrated in the picture.