Introduction: Shelves With Drop Down Display

Hello instructables! This my first instructable I have ever published so please don't be to critical.

I want to show you how to build some shelves with drop down displays/ drawers.

First things first your material.

1 - 1x10x8 cut twice to 36"

8 - 1x3x4 (made 2 shelves)

disc magnets (I used ceramic)

12 - little eye hooks (painted black)

1 box chain (painted black) the box has more than you need

wood glue

wood screws (1 1/4 x 8 gage)

display handles

Tools used

miter saw

kregs jig

circular saw


wood bit paddle(for hinge n magnet holes)

tape measure

speed square



1. I cut 4 pieces at 14 inches long.... 2 right sides with 2 45degree angles and 2 left sides with double 45degree angles on the miter saw.

2. Cut 2 pieces for your center cantalevers at 9 3/4" with a 45 degree angle on the flat side

3. Cut 6 at 9 1/4 all flat. these are the tops of the system

4. Cut 6 at 9 3/4 flat with 45 degree angles on each side. these are the middle of the sytem


1. I made a jig to get a perfect 90 degree angle

2. I pre drilled all the holes so that I don't split the wood. I screwed the tops into the bottoms.

(don't over tighten the screws.... just snug)

3. I used the kregg jig to drill pockets for screws for the middle and tightened them as well.

(don't worry bout the holes we are goin to put paintable wood putty to cover up)

assembly done

Step 3: Attaching the Shelf

1. align the lever flush with the shelf edges and the middle.

( should b bout 14 1/8 in between the 2 edges)

2. mark and predrill 4 holes for each catalever

3. counter sink the holes to be filled later with putty

4. screw to lever system

Step 4: Display Shelves

I made 2 different shelves. The first had 2 drop downs and the second only had one

1. the backs of the drop downs on both shelves are 14 1/8th inches

(they will fit snug)

2. I used my kregg jig to dill pockets for screws on the back

3. first shelf with 2 drop downs

I cut the 1x10 to 14 1/8th inch....twice

I cut the 1x3 to 14 1/8th inch...twice

4. Drilled holes through the bottom of drop down into the top and counter sunk them

( fill those in with wood putty)

5. Centered and drilled holes for handles. ( also counter sunk)

6. using a paddle bit 5/8ths ( or what ever size hardware you are using) I drilled the holes for the hinges and attached them to make sure the drop downs were flush with the edge of the shelf.

7. I drilled the holes for the eye hooks and attached the chain using needle nose pliers

8. I drilled with a paddle bit 3/4s of an inch hole for the magnets to sit in. added wood clue as to stop them from falling out.( now u can use any type of magnet you want. stronger the better if you want to use them as drawers. I am using them as displays. so I need just enough grab to close when not displaying any thing.

9. Second shelf I did 1 solid piece

Cut 1x10 at 30 3/4 in

Cut 1x3 at 30 3/4 in

(repeat step 4)

10. Because the cantilever has a middle system u have to measure and cut out so that the drop down can close and be flush with the shelf.

cut on the 1x 10 was 2 3/4s inch wide and 7 1/4quarter inch long

on the 1x3 the cut was also 2 3/4s wide and an 1inch deep

11. Repeat steps 5 through 8


This process is pretty straight forward

1. fill in the holes with wood putty

2. sand down till u get to the grain around it also for any rough edges

3. stain or paint with the desired color and let dry


I hung my shelves on 2 opposite sides to bring balance.

1 locate ur studs or if your like me and have a block wall for your exterior wall

1. predrilled holes into the concrete wall and used 3inch tapcon screws also painted black and screw them directly into the concrete.

Thank you for taking a look at my instructable ...enjoy!!!

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