Simple Chicken Tractor




Introduction: Simple Chicken Tractor

I have a few chickens, and I am about to get some more. I also have a lot of green grass.  So I had to make a chicken tractor to take care of both issues.

Step 1: Materials.

24 1x2x8ft lumber  $24
1    24x 50ft  chicken wire $15
1   box of 3/4 screws  $6
6 packs of washers $6
4 hinges $4
2 latch $6
total: $61 for 2
$30.50 for each tractor

wire clipers
drill w/ drill bit and phillips driver

Step 2: Putting Together the Sides.

ends are 2 4ft pieces and 3 2ft pieces and the sides are 2 8ft pieces and 3 2ft pieces.
for each tractor you will need to cut
6x   4ft 
4x   8ft
12x 2ft
plus bits for a door.

when you line up the lumber make sure to pre-drill the holes, because the wood will split and you will have to re-cut the wood again.
it will always happen on that last piece too.

Step 3: Putting the Frame Together.

this is a fun balancing act when you are doing this alone. but again pre-drill the screw holes.

Step 4: The Door.

this is a edit, as when I built it i made the door prior to adding the wire. but to save yourself a ton of headaches just build the door prior to attaching it. 

Step 5: Skin It.

remember those washer? this is when you use them. start the roll at one side of the door and roll it along (attaching it with the screw/washers). the chicken wire will give you some room to goof up.
you can also roof the tractor with the same wire, I had some welded wire around so I used that.

Step 6: Laying Box.

a laying box is necessary if you don't want to crawl in after the eggs. putting in next to the door is an even better idea.

Step 7: A Little Shade and Just Add Chickens.

a little canvas or a tarp will work just fine for some shade for your chickens. 
then put the tractor on some grass and add some chickens. 

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    5 years ago

    I love this! I would like to make something similar to this but taller so I can walk in it. Thanks for the instructable!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I've used this same design with 1" pvc instead of wood. I like the functionality. But I'm concerned about how the wood joints hold up to being moved around the yard.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm curious; how durable has the untreated lumber been? Less than a year so far... Looks good.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    its still in great shape, rain and sunshine hasn't taken that much of a toll on the wood structure. the canvas is another story.