Simple (inexpensive) Handprint Gift for the Grandparents or Parents!



Introduction: Simple (inexpensive) Handprint Gift for the Grandparents or Parents!

this is a great gift any grandparent or parent would love to have! its super quick, super easy and super inexpensive! also a great last minute Christmas gift!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

the materials you will need are:
an oven
plain white plates ($1 @ dollar tree)
a paper plate or something to squeeze the paint onto
foam brushes (less than $1@Michaels)
folk art brand multi surface acrylic or enamel acrylic paint ($1.29 - $2.49 @ Michaels)
permanent marker
wipes for cleaning little hands (optional but recommended!)
and last but not least... little hands!!

Step 2: Paint!

first I cleaned the plates with rubbing alcohol and let dry, then I squeezed some paint onto a paper plate. Next its time to paint the little hand!! make sure its nice and covered!

Step 3: Making the Print

take the painted little hand and press firmly onto the plate wiggling as little as possible! remove the the hand straight up again wiggling as little as possible!

Step 4:

repeat steps 2 & 3 if you have a second little!

Step 5: Add Your Personal Message and Bake!!

use your permanent marker to add a personal message, once you decorate it exactly how you want it put it in the oven for 30min @ 350°f

Step 6: Some Tips for Baking

place the plates in the oven first then turn the oven on, this way there is less chance of them cracking from rapid temperature change. Also leave them in the oven to cool as the oven cools, once again this is to avoid cracking!

Step 7:

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