Introduction: Spicey 4 Cheese Spread

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This is a very tasty but fairly basic cheese spread. You can use whichever cheeses you prefer. Creamcheese is kind of like refrigerator velcro, you can mix it with almost anything from dried soup mix to canned chilli or in this case shredded cheese. My favorite spread uses bleu cheese and bacon but the following one is a close second

Step 1: What You'll Need

Im going to assume that you've already gone shopping... ready?..... ok!
Take the cream cheese out of the frig and allow to come to room temperture
Your also going to need a couple of other cheeses, you can buy the preshredded if you want but I prefer to shred my own

 Cream cheese (one package)
 Sharp white chedder  (to taste)
 yellow chedder (to taste)
 jack or jack/colby mix (to taste)
 Steak sauce (1/2 teaspn)
 Worcheshire sauce (1/2 teaspn)
 Hot peppers.. ( Im using a pepper medly I make )

Step 2: Get Shredding

You can shred the cheeses in what ever order you prefer, the amount is upto you, I like to use approximately the same amount (preshredded) of  chedder as creamcheese. Be careful using the grater.. for such a simple tool it can be very dangerous to your knuckles !

Step 3: Cream It

put the room temp creamcheese in the bowl and using a fork, push the tines thru the creamcheese and bring the shredded cheeses back over, repeat, repeat, repeat, add in the steak sauce, worcheshire sauce and peppers and mix some more. Yes you COULD use a processor but thats a big untensil to have to clean! Cover you spread and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour for the flavors to meld

Step 4: Serve

 You could form the mix into a ball or log and roll in crushed walnuts,pecans, pistacios whatever to glame it up for a party. Its great on fresh veggies, crackers or in my case Garlic Toasties, kind of like big croutons, I use the cut off ends of torpedo rolls dusted heavily with garlic powder and baked in the oven