Introduction: Splash Proof Notebook

I work in wet environents and making notes is a pain when you are hanging on the sharp end of a ropein the rain. So this little item has saved the day on many ocations. It is not entirly fail proof but works well ans is almost free

Step 1: Grease Proof Paper Is the Main Ingredient

Cut a strip of grease proof paper. The more paper the thicker your note pad will be.

Step 2: Folding the Paper

First fold the paper in half lengthways.And the in halves till you have the required size.

Step 3: Making the Splash Proofs Covers

Use duck tape to make two covers for note book

Step 4: Bibding the Thing

stapel the covers on the precut/ pre stapled grease proof paper.then cover the staples with duck tape.

Step 5: A a Elastic Band to Keep the Hole Thing in Place

A a elastic band to keep the hole thing in place

Step 6: Done