Introduction: Star Bracelet

I have made star shaped beaded charms earlier, I had 2 of them with me, so I made another 3 and tried to make a bracelet out of it. it turned out good. thus sharing it with you.
for this we need
-size 12 needle

Step 1: Making Stars

take 5 beads of color1 in needle and thread.
now again pass the the needle through same 5 beads again starting from bead 1 to bead 5 making a loop.
make a tight loop and tie a knot. try 2/3 knots to make it secure.
pass the needle from adjacent bead so that knot is hidden under that bead.
now take 1 bead of color2 in the needle and pass the needle through next color1 bead (refer photo)
in a same way we need to put 1 color2 bead in between 2 adjacent color1 bead.
for last 5th bead pass the needle through last color1 bead and 1st color2 bead (refer photo).
now we have to put 2 beads of color3 in between 2 adjacent beads of color2.
while putting last 5th pair of color3 beads we need to pass our needle through last color2 bead and 1st color3 bead.
now in between each 2 color3 beads we are going to put 1 bead of color1. that is total 10 beads.
again for last bead we need to pass our needle through last color3 bead and 1st color1 bead.
now take 3 beads of color2 and put needle through next(adjacent) color1 bead, and through adjacent color3 and its adjacent next color1 bead. its a complicated to explain, photo might help. as its difficult to pass through 3 beads at a time you may take steps.
again add 3 beads of color2 and repeat.
once star is ready secure it with knot.

Step 2: Joining

finally join all thar stars that u have made, I made 5 (I got bored after that).
then add a clasp to the star at the corner.
if you have sufficient stars, put other end of clasp to the last star, or otherwise add some extension like I did, and connect other part of clasp to it.
it turns out really great, I used random colors u may follow a particular pattern.