Introduction: Decorative Can Planter

Decorative can planters are very simple to make. This is literally made from scratch. I've made the simplest one, you can use your imagination to make them more pretty.


For making them you need-
- empty can. I used empty oil can
- knife/ blade for cutting can
- markers of various colours
- fabric, scissors and glue (optional)

Step 1: Cutting Can in Desired Shape

This is the most important and little bit difficult step.
We need to cut the can in order to make it usable as a planter. I cut the upper part of a can. ( For that I heated the blade and then cut it. Heating the blade made the task easy)
If you want to make hanging planter, you can cut bottom part of can and add holes to hang it.

Step 2: Make Holes at the Bottom

Make holes in the bottom of the can, so that excess water can drain away.

Step 3: Decorating Can Using Markers

Now use your creativity to decorate the can.
I used blue, red and black markers to decorate the can.
I tried to make a face on the can. I added eyes and lips using markers.

Step 4: Add Fabric Hairband

Just to hide my imperfect cutting I added fabric piece as a headband.
I used fabric piece and glue to do this.

Step 5: Ready

Finally the planter is ready. Plant your favourite plant into it.
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