Introduction: Star Apple for Kids

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A Star Apple is an original way to present an apple. It takes less than 30 seconds to prepare and requires only two kitchen utensils: an apple corer and a knife.

About the target audience for the Star Apple: kids will appreciate the apple most.

This Instructable 'Star Apple for Kids' has been submitted to the Instructables 'Edible Art Challenge' by openproducts on 28 September 2015.

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To prepare the Star Apple do the following (see video above):

  1. Remove the core of the apple with the apple corer;
  2. Along all the 'equator' of the apple make triangular-shaped teeth with the knife;
  3. Present the apple (still closed) to your audience and then gently separate both halfs.

The next Step in this Instructable gives three other Works of Edible Art, released previously by openproducts and thus not eligible for the 2015 Edible Art Contest.

Step 1: Previously Released Food Instructables

The pictures above show three previously released food Instructables by openproducts. They are presented here for the interested reader and they are not meant to be submitted to the 2015 Edible Art Contest. These older Instructables are available through openproducts' Instructables Gallery.

The common denominator of these Instructables (except for the Broccoli Sculpture) is the use of the tool for their preparation: an apple corer.

The next Step shows a video on how to prepare the Star Apple.

Step 2: Preparing the Star Apple

The two videos above come in two file formats: the upper one is an animated gif image (which seems to have some problems in loading, perhaps this is due to the file size of 2.6 MB, see also the playing video at, the lower one is an embedded mp4 file (

That's all for this Instructable. The next and final Step spends some words on the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Step 3: License

This Instructable is being made available through a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. Republishing this Instructable is allowed, provided it is being attributed properly (cite the name openproducts, link to,, or the original Instructable. For other arrangements send a Private Message through the instructables member page (

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