Introduction: Staying Up Late

9:00-6:59-day time
7:00-10:59-night time
11:00-1:00-after dark
1:00- -the rest
In this instructable we will learn to keep from falling asleep at late periods of night each period has a special set of rules that must be followed strictly!!

Step 1: Step 1:morning

you really don't have to do much here except sleep in about an hour or two

Step 2: Step 2: Night

Give a general description of the Step time to get in some sugar but never over indulge or you will lose will and sleep in my opinion two pixie sticks seems to be the right number. I like to watch a movie
around nine play some videogames watch tv just try not to get too comfortable.

Step 3: Step 3:after Dark

now you start to get tired time to do brain occupying activities here is a list of my favorites
video games- try not just to play regular games try active games games that actually get you sweating here is a list:
dance dance revolution games(2nd best)
guitar hero and rock band
old nintendo games and gameboy and ds games(best choice)
movies-try to stay away from drama and documentaries there ok but they'll make you want to sleep try horror movies or stuff with a lot of explosions
godzilla movies
jackie chan movies
rambo series (best choice)
horror movies (2nd best)
old science fiction movies
other stuff
rubics cube(2nd best)
draw stuff-don't just doodle really try to make art!(best choice!)
make a fort but don't stay in it too long or you'll fall asleep
make stuff out of clay- I don't know why but this seems to help me stay awake don't use play-dough
talk to an imaginary person or pet rock or something- this may sound wierd but try it unless someone else is already there
or go

Step 4: Steep 4: the Rest of the Night

Here's where things get rough
now you can't even relax you'll get too tired i recommend drinking some water then later you will have to pee which will help you stay on your feet do something that requires a lot of imagination
try Legoes or dominoes those are probably the most helpful things also try building a house of cards
arts and crafts are really helpful here these things help because they will keep you occupied for a long time now things may seem  to get easier but soon they are about to get a lot harder! don't stop moving because as soon as that sun comes up you're gonna want to sleep but DON'T!

Step 5: Congratulations

You did it! if it's about 9:00 am or whenever you woke up at it's okay to sleep congratulations woohooo! you did it.