Introduction: Steampunk T96 Airsoft Rifle

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Here is my steampunk modified aps t96 airsoft rifle, or as i like to call it, SP96. Next i will show you how to make it, and what you need for it. For base i used my old aps type 96.


Variety of plumbers connectors, i used chromed ones that i painted later.

Wooden "pipes" or anything else that's straight, and easy to work with

Aluminium tape

Variety of airsoft parts or other cogwheels, cylinders etc.

Iron wire


Spray paints, i used copper, gold, and silver

Steel wool

Old red dot scope

Some pipe

Tools needed:

Workbench (can survive without it, but makes things a lot easier)


Iron saw



Next we will go step by step how i made this.

Step 1: Pipes Around the Gun.

So i started with cutting few pieces of wood that were the same length as the weapons pipe. (pic1)

I coated them with aluminium tape to make them look like metal, but still easy to work with a knife if needed. (pic2)

Next i attached these to both sides of weapons pipe with some iron wire, and started working my way towards the stock of the gun with blumbers corners. I connected the left sides pipes to right side so they wouldn't be on my way while using the gun. (pic3) Once i had connected both "pipes" together on the right side of the gun, i took a few more pieces and and made the line end inside the guns stock.

I used glue to connect all the pieces together, but i didn't glue them to gun yet.

Next step, the muzzle flash

Step 2: Muzzle Flash

At this point i saw that my gun needed a new muzzle flash, so i took an old cylinder (probably zinc or something, didn't really matter) and sawed it in 2 pieces of half a cylinder. and then i sawed those 1/4 cylinder lines halfway, and bended the ends so it made a nice new muzzle flash for my gun. Then i used some glue to attach those to the gun, and some aluminium tape to hide the rough edges.

Next: Scope

Step 3: The Scope

I started making the new scope by having a old red dot scope, and attaching pieces of pipe to both sides of it. This way i made it to look more like a rifle scope.

Next: Painting

Step 4: Painting

I started by painting the old boring black stock. I used gold spray, and a brush to make some cool "scratches" all over the stock, and did the same thing to original pipe. (pics 1 and 2)

Next i painted all the cogwheels i wanted to attach the gun with gold paint. (pic 3)

Then i panted all the "pipes" around the gun and the scope with copper paint (pic4)

Wait for the paint to dry before the next step (few hours should be enough, depending on how think layers u painted)

Next step: Assembly

Step 5: Assembly

I started next step by assembling the original, newly painted gun together. (pic1)

Then i took all the painted pipes and used glue, and some iron wire to attach them to the sides of the gun. I also glued some cogwheels to the stock of the gun for some more steampunk looks. (pic2)

Next i took my painted scope, glued some cogwheels to it, glued 1 more cylinder to the side of the scope, and attached it to my gun. (pics 3 and 4)

Allmost there, 1 more step: finishing the paintjob!

Step 6: Finishing the Paintjob.

Now i took some gold and silver paints, and a brush to finish the gun. I painted some silver and gold mixed scratches all over the pipes and the scope. I let the paint dry for a few moments, then took steelwool, and made some more scratches all over the weapon to make it look weathered.

Next: Finished gun

Step 7: Finished!

So here a few pictures of my brand new SteamPunk96 airsoft rifle. The gun is still fully functional, and i cant wait to see the looks in the peoples faces next time we go play.

Thanks for everyone for looking through my guide how to make your old airsoft gun way more better looking.

Sorry for so few pictures, didn't originaly mean to make a guide through this, also english isn't my 1st language, so i apologize for few terms and words i use.

This is my 1st instructable i have made. I hope you liked it, there will be more!

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