Introduction: Stereo Graded Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker System

The idea of being able to enjoy quality music in the bathroom has been in mind for years. While there are wide range of products in the market from waterproof battery powered portable speakers to integrated bluetooth circular ceiling speakers with remote controls, they are far from meeting my objectives which are actually rather basic. I want a properly designed speaker (enclosure, driver, x-over...) that hides away in my compact 25sq ft bathroom, be always available (no battery charging...) and connects to my phone with a single switch.

This is obviously not a new idea but to demonstrate:

1. doesn't matter how saturated the market and products are, there is always demand to meet

2. older quality audio gear can reclaim their lives with instructables and technology

3. within compact sized apartment in cities, finding idle space is achievable.

Step 1: Step 1: Preparing Your Speakers and Ceiling Material

    After my second handed speaker was purchased for cheap, all drivers, ports, and x-over components were taken out from the enclosure. Speaker grill was preserved for later use. With all components out of place, the enclosure was coated with thick water base wood waterproof paint. I put three layers on mine. Allow coating dry completely. With a new piece of ceiling material, trace the drivers' and ports' openings to match with the enclosure openings with tin snips. Leave the grill grommet opening alone. Save this ceiling piece for the Step 4.Replace the grill grommet with strong magnet onto the enclosure. Reinstall the x-over component making the binding poles ready for connection.

    Step 2: Step 2: Ceiling Preparation

      Take out drop ceiling material. Decide speaker placement. Enclosure is the focus on this step. Please leave the drivers and ports for future step. Install drop-in anchors on ceiling to support enclosures. For the number of anchor, it varies from the weight and size of your speakers. I installed 6 anchors in my project. Mount your enclosure to the ceiling that's flush to the drop ceiling and level with the long studs on the drop-in anchors.

      Step 3: Step 3: Wiring and Amp Installation

        Decide location of the amp and wall-mount it. Connect power to the amp from the ceiling source. Connect speaker cable between amp and speaker.

        Step 4: Step 4: Cover Up the Drop Ceiling

          Install the new ceiling piece with the enclosure opening cutaway corresponding to the enclosure's openings. Decide location and install the bluetooth antenna onto the drop ceiling and connect antenna to the amp. Reinstall all other drop ceiling pieces. Reinstall all drivers and ports onto of the drop ceiling cut out. Replace the grill grommets with screw and washer which can attract the preinstalled magnets in the enclosure. Color match the grill fabric. Power up and enjoy your music.