Introduction: Plastic Katana

About: Hi there, I'm Julian I love making DIY projects that are both fun and useful ;-)

Remember this can be used as a weapon so be careful not to hurt anybody!!!

Step 1: Strong Plastic Samurai Sword

You will need:

80cm by 2cm plastic pipe ( preferably white)

some black duck-tape

a strong 6cm long by a 1cm wide cube shaped foam with a whole in the centre

Step 2: Step 1

start by rapping your duck tape up from the bottom and up according to how large your hands are but preferably 8 cm

Step 3: Step 2

finally attach your foam by sliding it down till it touches the grip.

Step 4: Tips on What to Do With It

Fell free to customize it by changing material size, shape and colour. Try making others and make awesome fights with your friends or family. Have fun!

Step 5:

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