Introduction: Stuffed Cinderella Wig

i thought it would be more true to the cartoon to make this wig. it looks close to cinderalla's hair.

Step 1: Things You Need

to make this wig you will need:
- 1 yard yellow fleece
- polyfill batting
- a strip of sky blue silk
- a scrap piece of light blue silk
- paper (if you decide to make a paper pattern)

Step 2: Take Your Measurements

measure your kids head all the way around. measure from center top of head to the back of neck. the measurements will be used to make a beenie type hat for the inside of the wig.

Step 3: Make the Inner Hat

after you have the measurments this is what the beenie should look like. add a strip of yellow between the two pieces along the top to make the beenie wider.

Step 4: Make the Outside of the Wig

use the beenie to make the outside shell of the wig and add the extra pieces to the top and the bangs before you cut it out. use your eye to make the bun and bangs the size you want. cut out 2 triangles the same length as the bun and bangs. these will be used to add fullness to them.

Step 5: Sew the Wig Together

stitch the beenie together, but not on the inside edges. stitch the triangles to the one piece of the outside shell with the points going to the back. stitch the other side of the outside shell to the triangles. leave the fat ends of the triangels open to use for stuffing the wig.

Step 6: Flip the Wig Right Side Out

stitch the inside edges of the beenie to the inside edge of the outside shell. then flip it right side out through one of the stuffing holes.

Step 7: Stuff the Wig

stuff the bun and bangs with the pollyfill to the stiffness you want. hand stitch the openings closed. make a tube of the head band and turn it right side out and hand stitch it on the wig.

Step 8: Make and Add the Details

cut the light blue into 4 circles. 2 of them make one earing. sew one half of a pair of circles shut. pull them right side out and stuff them. hand stitch them shut. hand stitch them to the end of the headband on both sides.

Step 9: Finished

now you are done. this is what it should look like.

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