Tjune Tjune




Introduction: Tjune Tjune

At school we were commissioned to make a musical instrument. The maximum size that was allowed was 100x100x80. Our inspiration were the Sonic highways and xylophones. From that our 'tjune tjune' emerged.

We used the computer controlled cutter for the tracks. The car was printed with a 3D-printer. Inside the car, there's a little hammer that slams on the bars of the xylophone. between the bars, tracks and the socket, we have put little pieces of textile so that the bars can tremble. For the bars, we used a real xylophone as a reference for the correct measurements for every note. The bars and the tracks are hold in place by nails, but we made it so that you still can change the bars to make a different song. The tracks can be extended.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks really cool! Do you have a video of it in action? It would be awesome to see (and hear) this in action! :)