Trick or Treat Safety Lights/traffic Wands/luminaries

Introduction: Trick or Treat Safety Lights/traffic Wands/luminaries

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Living on a dead end street and having a large event is a difficult mix, we usually have one or two people directing traffic but its dark out there so some safety lighting is needed, these would also work great for trick or treaters or like I did for the picture, stuck on the end post of a fence

Step 1: The Materials

I'm not sure where we got these plastic drinking tumblers but what would be better for directing traffic on halloween but a couple of jack-o-lanterns ?

I picked up the lights at a local big box home improvement store, they are by Life Gear and have a white flashlight, a steady orange light w/white flashlight and a flashing orange wand depending on how many times you click the button, there is also a very loud whistle on the end of the wand. There are several manufacturers of this type of light, these where in a 3pack for $

Step 2: Assembly

The build and assembly is pretty straight forward, I traced the end of the flashlight on the bottom of the cup and using a dremel cut out the hole, then it was just a matter of hotglueing the light in place ( sorry the pics of the hotglueing didn't turn out)

Step 3: Finish or That Was a QUICK "ible" !

That's it now your little ghoul or Cinderella can be seen AND it still works as a flashlight ! The light beam is even a little more directed by being inside the cup

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