Introduction: Tricrutch

After seeing how crutches are usually left leaning on a wall and always end up sliding an falling I thought it was about time for a solution !

This is what i cam up with ! It is still a work in progress but it works !

this is basically a third leg that moves sideways when both crutches are connected and the mechanism is turned by moving the ends of the crutches away from each other ....

Step 1: Parts

1 . print the parts : 2xBRACE_mini ,mec_R_2 ,magnet_locking_2 ,hing_part_ass , rotor_ass

2. magnets and a rubber band if needed .

3. 2x m4 screw and nut

4. bamboke or some other small rod...

Step 2: Assembly

Assembly is really straightforward

1. mount on the crutches and tighten with the m4 screws.

2. glue the magnets in place.

3. connect the sides with rubber bans if needed

4. glue the bamboo into place.

Step 3: Still a Work in Progress ....

i am in the middle of finals so i will have to leave this project for now but if anyone wast to make some upgrades i have attached are the solidwork files ...

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